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Attention Wal-Mart shoppers!
Saturday. 12.30.06 10:56 pm
I have something to ask of you all. You know those wonderful express aisles? The ten and twenty item aisles? Aren't those nice? Just needed to run in for some bread or milk, and you can be out in 5 minutes.


I ran to Wal-mart tonight to grab a pack of batteries. One small item. $3.96. I went to the express lane... it was long.. and with the exeption of the people directly infront and behind me, none of them had less than 10 items. So I had to wait about 10-15 for these people just to buy 1 pack of batteries....

Another thing... please, get a debit card... checks make everyone wait. And if you MUST fill out a check, please, sign and put the store name in the line while waiting in line. I like it when you do that, becuase scanning in the check takes long enough.

Yay people.

In other news, I got my cartlidge periced! If I may say, if you want to get this done, please, please go to a real pericer, as in someone who uses peiring needles, and not a gun. I had my cartlidge done with a gun a few months ago. That ended not well. not scarring, but that pericing failed. But anyway, here's a few pictures of it.

So, that's it. See ya!

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Nerdery Confession, and a rant.
Saturday. 12.30.06 12:02 am
Ok, yes, I roleplay, and not just the D&D version. There. I said it. Now I can rant.

Ok, so I am in an RP where I am playing an elf that is dark skinned. Not a drow, just happens to be dark skinned, but often gets confused for one (or so I say in back story)

So, the RP has been running and a new person joins. One of those super OMG details people. Now. My charater is wearing a cloak. Why? 1. She;s an elf in an unfamiliar human area. 2. She looks like a drow, which is not usually a good way to be seen. Here's part of her post.

"So, she ambled into the..inn, tavern..whatever..
and noticed Nothing out of the ordinary..
A large group of theif-looking people, mostly men, and she recalled a slender woman giving her a welcoming look as she entered..
Also, she noticed a Drow..
An elf.. "

Nnnno. My charater is hiding under a cloak. You cannot tell she looks elven, or even like a drow, so he is our conversation over PM, where I complain about her 'keen observation'

Bremma Wrote:
Not a huge note, but you wouldn't have been able to tell my charater was more than a tall human. She's obscured by a cloak. Just for reference.

I was being polite about it not all "BITCH! YOU CAN"T SEE THAT!!" Her repsonce...
G V Wrote:
I was hinting on the fact that your ears make a sight point at the sides of your hood, and that the fact taht elves always have their heads lening atleast on inch back from their chest, and the drow bit came from the fact that you have the shoulders, and little skin visible, of a drow.
Atleast, that's what I jsut thaught of since I can't edit such a huge post now.

OH HELL NO. Your charater has just been chased by guards after killing somone and stealing something. (i'll address the stolen thing in a second). YOU ARE NOT GONNA NOTICE SUCH MINUTE DETAILS! My counter

Bremma Wrote:
I'm sorry, but that seems like alot for someone who is in the midst of evading arrest to notice.

Again, polite, but a bit blunt.

G V Wrote:
usually, but sometimes, in a hurry, one notices things that you'd normally never see.
Plus, she IS a master theif of sorts, trained to notice small detials, that could be helpful...

Like I said, it's abit late to edit it now, but I shall take note of that.

BRWARA! No. Nonono. I'm done arguing with your stupid ass, I am totally not doing anything to aid your character now. Grats. So, my final response.

Bremma Wrote:
Eh, ok. Just yeah, keep it in mind in the future.

So yes, that made me angry.. I get worked up. *sigh*

Oh, and her theving thing... this was.. ridiculous

But that is unimportant asof yet.
The small girl, with the incredibly valuable item, had arrived at a small tavern, or inn.
Being tired, she could not possibly care less which it was.
All she cared about, was that it offered rest and possibly a drink or two.
As she walked in, she hid the egg in a rather strange place.
In her bosom.

Attention whore much? I am done now. Enjoy the rant. *rawr*

Edit: other person user name edited for privacy.

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Photos and life!
Wednesday. 12.27.06 2:01 pm
Whee. Finally posting again. I've been in a sour mood for who know what reason for a bit, so I just hadn't felt like bothering to post. I've mainly been annoyed by WoW which I need to reinstall becuase it got messed up some how.. *grumble*

Anyway, I have pictures. The first few are ones of my dragon incense burner and scarf.

Also, I got new glasses! I had gotten a new prescritpon back around Thanksgiving, but money was tight, so I had to wait until some coupons for Lenscrafters came. And they did, but my insurance gave a better discount anyway. Heh. So, here are my new glasses!

I am happy with them. They're stronger than my old pair by -.25, which is suprisingly a noticable difference.

And that's all I got.

EDIT: Now with 100% more working photos!

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Sunday. 12.24.06 2:02 pm
Yeah... I am not in a good mood. Couple of annoying things happened.

Firstly, my dad decided to leave at 330 am today. I didn't even know it was 330 am. All I knew is I didn't want my mom touching me to wake me up. I don't like being touched by many people when I am waking up, so I angrily flicked my blanket at her, then got up and groggily got my things together, mainly my iPod and cell phone that had been charging. I waited on my sister to get out of the bathroom, a mild annoyance, then went in to wash up and all that. I got out, and realized I didn't change my shirt so I had to go back in an do that. Another thing I didn't notice at first, I left my face medicine there, but I am not telling mom. Why? Cause I also forgot my pillows in a room where my aunt and uncle were sleeping. I had been in the room they were in the past 2 nights, and moved my stuff yesterday, but I brain farted, and made the bed with my pillows in it, so I had to leave them. So I've gotten an earful over that. Soon I was in the car and slept.. not great, which wasn't too fun, but since we left early, we got back home before noon. There were also Dunkin' Donuts, not that it cheered me up too much.

Getting home was ok. I felt very very icky, and wanted to work out, get a shower, then go to Wal-Mart to get new pillows. Well, mom decided she wanted to go not long after we got back, so I went with her. The trip was ok. Wal-mart was a little crowded, but not terribly so. I got my new pillows, and I also found incense, which I have learned is also a gift from my little sister. But I doubt she'd buy me Patchouli incense cones and Dragon's Blood, something opium, and Ylang Ylang incense sticks. Mom again slightly argued with me about forgetting my pillows, and blaming it on me wanting to finish my scarf before going and moving my things. I have a feeling I would have forgotten them either way. But whatever. I got back, did some exercises, and showered, which felt amazing.

Then I decided to bring my computer downstairs because 1. I am out of craft projects, 2. I wanted to be on the computer and 3. I didn't feel like fully becoming a recluse just yet. Nothing bad happened there. Just putting up with my sister in an annoyingly perky mood, which she loves to adopt when I am not in the mood to see/hear it. I decided to go ahead and start on paperwork for my summer co-op. It... went. It's not done because I filled out 2 things wrong and got annoyed over that and having to fill out a paper form of something I filled out electronically months ago. Gr.

So, now more ranting about NJ. I stopped at my sister last night. Another annoyance was my grandparents. My grandma is nice, but she tries to help too much. While it's nice she asks if we want food, she sometimes forgets to check if we were recently eating before asking, which gets annoying. Another was my grandpa. I think the rest of my cousins must find his repeated insistence of silly things endearing. But when he's trying to get me to put cream cheese, which I DESPISE, on my bagel, and repeats it over and over, I get annoyed.

Another one, that I only endured for a few hours, was my cousin Bailey. I'll have a fun pseudo-contest involving her later/tomorrow/whenever I scan in a card she made. She's loud, annoying, and doesn't know when people do not want her to do something, like when I kept telling her I did not want a massage or to hear her sing. *shudder* She's also materialistic, and decided to announce at present time that everyone should give her 20 dollars. HA. Like that'd happen.

So... I'll have pics of my scarf and dragon later. I did take some of my dragon, but the one head is white, so it got washed out, and the flash made the paint job look craptacular, so I'll try taking more with my ceiling light on later. So, yeah, that's it. Hope you enjoyed the bitching.

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Homeward Bound
Saturday. 12.23.06 9:57 pm
Well, I am at the tail end of my trip to New Jersey. There were good and bad things.

The good:
Seeing family I haven't seen in a while
Finishing my knitting (pics to come)
Finishing painting my incense burner (pics to come)

The Bad:
Putting up with family (more details below)
Sleeping in a different place
No real privacy
Not being home

Overall, I enjoyed myself. It was a productive trip, with me getting two artsy things done. Though there were annoyances. One major one was my little sister. We have several states of co-existance, from harmony, to ignorance, to siginificant reaction. Sadly, up here,it is normally the latter that prevails, for the main reasons.
One of them is my sister trying to act like the 'good daughter/grandaughter', by being overly cheery and doing things she would not normally do at home, like putting dishes other than her own in the dishwasher while I would be conversing with mom, dad, and my grandma. Thusly, I would be the lazy one,and mom would be like "Help your sister with the dishes." It was my plan, once I was done enjoying conversation, jeeze.

Also, her acting like I am a barbarian in some aspects doesn't help, like when my grandma handed my nail clippers at the dinner table, after I mused that my nails needed trimming. I mostly jokingly suggested that grandma wanted me to trim my nails at the table, thus bring my sisters fussing on how disgusting that was. Everyone was done eating, jeeze. ANd the perky attitude when I am trying to concentrate knitting. Jesus.

Ill have more tomorrow. The keyboard here blows. See ya.

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Monday. 12.18.06 10:58 am
So, I started the whole working out thing again. One word.... ow. I'm a little sore this morning, but that's something more exercise can easily fix. The pain I have is mainly from not working out in.. god.. 3 months now? So, yeah, gonna fix that.

Also, while knitting yesterday, I had decided I wanted to be more creative, so I went to do a pattern in the scarf I was making by doing a perl stitch. After doing two rows, I noticed I wasn't getting the pattern I should. I showed mom, and then she went to show me the perl stitch again. Turns out I had been knitting using the perl stitch. There's nothing wrong with that, I just found it amusing. So, after relearning the knit stitch, I started the pattern. Whee!

Also, in WoW news, I am currently level 31, and I may become an assistant GM. Me and a friend of mine from HS are in a guild together, and due to personal and account issues, the GM is thinking of giving my friend the guild. So, if he does, my friend plans to make me an assistant GM, which would be cool.

OK, Now I need to shower because I am going to a memorial service for a vice principal who had died a while ago at my school from cancer, and I doubt people would be happy if I came and smelled no so fresh. See ya.

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